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"I had done colonics before but I've really found this experience to be the best by far! I was drawn to this particular type of colonic: hydro-cleansing because it's an active process. The ones I had done before were all passive. The added consolation is that Donna is a registered nurse so she ensures that you are physically well for each session. Bonus! But whether you have done this before or not, Donna's warm, engaging personality makes you feel really comfortable and at ease during each session. The results speak for themselves: I feel great -- I have more energy, lost weight and my stomach distension is gone! Sign up and see for yourself! - N.R. - VP of Marketing - NYC


"The experience I have had at Cleansing Waters has been amazing. As a person that suffers from obesity and HBP, Colon Hydroytherapy has been very beneficial to my health. Donna has such knowledge and was able to answer any questions or concerns I had. She has made me feel comfortable and at ease in a very serene, clean and inviting environment." - A.A. -  Law Enforcement - Rahway, NJ

"My first visit at Cleansing Waters was extremely comfortable. The facility is very peaceful and relaxing when you get there. Coming to Cleansing Waters has helped me by increasing my energy and slowly help me adjust back to my optimal body weight. Enjoying my first visit at Cleanisng Waters I have returned for additional sessions as well as recommending it to my family and friends that have had colonics through the years." - R.T. - Chemist - Plainfield, NJ